MADY- Environmentally Friendly Pet & Outdoor Gear

MADY specializes in high quality, innovative pet supplies and outdoor gear, all offered at affordable prices with fast worldwide shipping. Our goal is to make the world a little better by trying to produce our products and everything around our products environmental friendly. If you value your pet and the world around you, choose the finest pet & outdoor products available, choose MADY!

About MADY

The MADY Mission

Serving the needs of animal lovers throughout North America, MADY is a family owned and operated business focused on offering premium products at affordable prices combined with friendly service every time you shop with us. MADY stands for environment friendly product’s. That means that we want to use environmentally friendly materials for each step of our production process. From the paper that we use for our business cards to the packaging material for our products, MADY is committed to helping the environment.

Our Founder

Hi, my name is Andy and I am the founder of MADY. I want to take a moment to personally thank you for visiting us today and for choosing MADY for all of your environmentally friendly pet and outdoor gear. I created MADY with the idea of a company that is as focused on the environment as they are on selling high quality products. I hold a degree in horticulture and have partnered with an internship program, from Ohio State University, at Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island. My background in horticulture has shown me that we don’t take care of our planet as we should and I wanted to do something that would create a positive change in our environment. Growing up with a lot of pets, it seemed obvious that I should combine my love for pets and my commitment to helping care for our environment into a successful business. In 2015, I moved to China to start MADY, the brand that stands for environmental friendly pet & outdoor gear!

Andy, MADY Founder

Meet the rest of our team

Yeting, MADY Co-Founder

Yeting, Co-Founder

Behind every man stands a strong woman. In this case her name is Yeting, a lovely young lady who grew up in the north of China. She and I were workmates in New York and became a great couple and team dedicated to changing the world and doing whatever we can to create a positive impact on our planet.

Lisa, MADY Model

Lisa, Model

Then, there is Lisa, a beautiful two-year old Samoyed owned by very close friends of ours. Lisa is our product tester and exclusively models all of our new products.

Mady, Supervisor

MADY, the source of our company namesake, is a one year old Brazilian redneck turtle. Her job is to brighten up the office and keep everyone in good spirits.